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Check out 5 tips to pack your suitcase

  • Posted by: Grazi
  • 2019-10-03

Check out 5 tips to pack your suitcase

1. Plan before you start selecting the pieces: think about what kind of trip you are going to take, are you going on vacation or going to work? Will you have any formal events during your trip? Another important factor is the temperature, look for information about the weather forecast. In addition, it is important to think about how many days you will be away and the places you will visit, to think about shoes and looks.

2. Separate everything before putting it in the suitcase: Separate the clothes and assemble looks with them and the accessories, so you will avoid taking repeated or unnecessary things.

3. Give preference to neutral colors and fabrics that do not wrinkle: Neutral colors can be combined more easily and thus you will be able to assemble several looks with few pieces. And the fabrics that don’t wrinkle make it much easier, since you won’t have to iron your clothes during the trip!

4. Wrap the clothes and optimize the spaces: The best way to put the clothes in the suitcase is by rolling it up! The only exceptions are bulky items, such as knitwear, jackets, jackets, and dress shirts, which will be heavily wrinkled. The rest is to roll. Do you know the best place to store your socks? Inside the shoes! So you use a space that would be empty and still be practical when using. Another tip, but that only applies to women, is to put them inside the bra, thus preventing them from losing shape when they are kneaded. Belts? How about putting them open on the walls of the suitcase?

5. Take a folding bag inside the bag: This tip is best for those who are going with the intention of shopping.
Another important tip is to book your hotel in advance!

Book your hotel: